NP Energy Services Operations

US Shale Basins
NP Resources acquired a large acreage position and several producing wells from a public company late in 2015. We began operations in March 2016 and immediately started to invest in a development program to demonstrate the economic potential of the Three Forks Formation. Three seasonal drilling programs through the fall of 2018 have completed eleven horizontal producing wells and two new SWD wells and related facilities.  Our well results are strong to date and support the continued planning and economic development of the Bakken Pool resources in NPR's asset area.

We acquired in 2018 from a private operator a follow-on acreage position, 10 producing wells and multiple drilling permits checker-boarded within our project area along the Beaver Creek Anticline.   Since this acquisition, NPR has also inventoried multiple conventional drilling and behind- pipe leads in the Nisku/Birdbear, Duperow and Red River Formations.


Elkhorn Project Area