NP Energy Services, LLC believes that what is good for the community is good for business.  This carries through in our approach to operating oil and gas wells, development of resources, and collaboration with the community, landowners, and regulators.  Minimum impact well pads, onsite waste management, reduction of trucking, reduced footprint and reduced profile facilities, are all beneficial features of our strategy that also result in lower capital costs, reduced operating costs, and a reputation as a best practices operator.

NP Energy Services, LLC recommends and supports a balanced and sensible approach to the development of mineral resources in the Badlands.  Our guiding principle for oil and gas development is minimal surface impact.  We accomplish this by using tools such as Eco-pads, submersible pumps, connecting to pipelines right away so natural gas is flared only in emergencies, and utilizing existing infrastructure as much as possible.  

The Badlands Advisory Group was formed in 2016 to research methods of sustainability for the oil & gas industry and allow drilling in the Badlands in ways that work at the local level for the people who live, work and play in the Badlands. One of the proposed action steps for best management practices in the oil industry was to incorporate innovative ideas and best practices to improve landowner's relations and minimize impacts to surface assets. 

NP Energy Services, LLC is exploring opportunities to partner with the Badlands Advisory Group on a pilot project to improve landowner relations and minimize impacts to surface assets.